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We provide winning design solutions!

Dressing Rooms' work has been featured Canada-wide on Global Television, so there is no shying away from taking on your design dilemmas and turning them into winning design solutions. When you turn your sights to design, it is usually because something is not quite working, and in many cases, you don't know how to fix it. And the idea of taking on a design project is daunting for most...the time, the have enough to worry about already...right?! Well, relax...because Dressing Rooms is in the business of finding solutions to make people happy with their homes! And, Dressing Rooms will listen to spouses/partners who have conflicting ideas so the end result will  be a space you both enjoy. 

Our process is simple—pick up the phone and book a brief complimentary phone consultation. If a good fit for each other, we will move onto booking the initial in-home consultation. We like to call the initial in-home consultation the love & leave session where you will love more of what you see in your space or the direction you are going in before we leave. 

The key is to have a sense of trust in each other, an artistic partnership of sorts, so we can move ahead cohesively through your delightful creative journey. We want you to feel a solid connection and have a first class experience as your personal investment comes to life!

Call today and let's get started!


"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."—Mark Twain

This meeting is impactful! It will move you forward with those design plans that you have been wanting to implement but just have not had the time or the experience to get the ball rolling. Maybe you're choosing finishes for a reno or new build—we can meet at the showroom and get that done. Or maybe you just moved in and just cannot decide where to put furniture or hang art, or what paint colours or finishes to go with. Samples such as paint chips, custom blinds, fabric for drapery and countertops can be chosen on the spot. And, we may even move some furniture pieces around for better placement. For projects that require more time, we would spend this meeting gathering important information about the plans you have in mind for your home. We would discuss things like function, your preferred aesthetic and how much you are looking to invest in the project so we can estimate an expected budget. Either way, the result is that you will feel more positive about the direction you are going in by the time we part. 


More time can be added to this meeting if required and schedule allows.

Choosing Colors

"Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and above all quality." —Angelo Bonati

From that initial meeting, you will have a much clearer idea of what the next steps are so you can make some definite decisions and get your space on the way to its beautiful transition. 


"Darlene from Dressing Rooms is the ultimate professional. For the first time, since I had moved in—it felt like home!—I've been loving the spaces she created and the beauty it offers for my enjoyment! Amazing!"

—Suzanne P., Elementary teacher, Ottawa