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We provide design solutions!

When you turn your sights to design, it's usually because something isn't quite working, and in many cases, you don't know how to fix it. And the idea of taking on a design project is daunting for most...the time, the have enough to worry about already...right?! Well, Dressing Rooms is in the business of finding solutions to make people happy. The best thing about putting your home in our hands, is that you won't have to worry about how to fix it—you can relax and leave

that to us!

Our process is simple—STEP 1—Pick up the phone and book a brief complimentary phone consultation. We do try to answer the phone and be available whenever possible. If a good fit for each other, we will decide what consultation option will suit you best! If you prefer, send an email with any questions you may have and what times can work for our complimentary phone consult. And please note, Dressing Rooms enjoys the challenge of working with spouses/partners who have conflicting ideas! We want to make you both happy!

STEP 2 is to confirm the design service of choice and book the initial in-home consultation. If meeting for a more in-depth project where renovations are needed like a kitchen or bath, then we take measurements and photos for valuable reference. Trades may be present at the initial meeting. Depending on the service, you will get either notes and/or visuals and pricing to proceed to the next step.

The key is to have a sense of trust in each other, an artistic partnership of sorts, so we can move ahead cohesively through this delightful creative journey. We want you to feel a solid connection and have a first class experience as your personal investment comes to life!

STEP 3 is the implementation stage which will follow your review of the design recommendations and pricing. You can move ahead on your own or with minimal continued guidance. Or we can take care of the implementation for you. But at the same time, we don't want you to feel left out of the implementation process. Well, we do have clients who are perfectly okay with that too...and our confidence and experience has turned out fabulous outcomes still while they sit on their southern beach patios. But, we love when you can actually be there and feel the design process in every sense as it moves along, so it engages and excites you.

Review our consultation options to see which is right for you!


"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."—Mark Twain

For those who need some immediate support for a kick start. This is a one to 1.25 hour meeting that is perfect if you're considering some changes but need an expert design opinion to know what direction to go in. Maybe you're choosing finishes for a reno or new build. Or you   just moved in and can't decide where to put furniture or hang art, or what paint colours to go with. We will guide you on the spot so you feel confident in your choices and are loving your vision that much more by the time we part. Trusted referrals can be provided for painters, tilers etc. More time can be added if required which must be paid as added.

Choosing Colors


"Keep creating new windows from which to look at your world." —Don Shapiro

Windows will be analyzed and measured while you peruse fabrics from two extensive drapery programs sample books. Drapery styles and hardware options will be recommended and follow up pricing for installed custom treatments will be provided via email. If moving ahead, we will sign off on the details and collect a 50% deposit then implement the project. Blinds/shades can be discussed as well. We do carry Hunter Douglas samples for your review; just please mention this prior to meeting so samples can be on hand. Other brands can be considered as well. Meeting takes generally around one to 1.5 hours. Any additional sourcing time following the meeting will be charged hourly @ $125. Fabric source links can also be provided if you wish to research fabrics on your own.

Morning Light


"Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and above all quality." —Angelo Bonati

For design projects where you want some follow-up recommendations on where to go with a space whether it's a kitchen, a bathroom, or a bedroom. Includes an up to 1.5 hour meeting during which the project will be discussed with all decision-makers. Room will be measured and photos taken. If any renovations are required, then trades will possibly attend this meeting as well in order to provide estimated costing. Follow up recommendations will be provided via email.

Upon your review of the suggestions, you may choose to move ahead on your own or with some guidance from Dressing Rooms along the way as needed. Or, there's a more luxury approach if you simply have no want or time to do the hands-on to create your beautiful space because we all know beauty takes time—based on your feedback to the suggestions, we will fine tune the scope of work details, a simple agreement will be drawn up outlining all associated costs, a retainer will be collected and we will get things going!


"Darlene from Dressing Rooms is the ultimate professional. For the first time, since I had moved in—it felt like home!—I've been loving the spaces she created and the beauty it offers for my enjoyment! Amazing!"

—Suzanne P., Elementary teacher, Ottawa